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There is a fight underway against Kent Thiry’s proposed Ranked Choice Voting initiatives. The false narratives are many, and they must be debunked. Thiery’s proposed changes will fundamentally eliminate the political parties and the current election system in CO. 
A group of grassroots activists have incessantly worked to create three initiatives (aka “The Good Initiatives”) to counteract Thiry’s efforts: 
Initiative 201: Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting (aka “Instant Runoff Elections) 
Initiative 202: Ballot Access Through Caucus and Assembly Process (Blocks Petition Only Access), 
Initiative 278: Primary Elections for Major Political Parties (Close the Primary). 
Signatures need to be collected from 2% of each of Colorado’s 35 Senate Districts no later than July 31st. We need volunteers to collect signatures in their Senate District. Please contact the Good Initiatives Team to volunteer. We need all hands on deck! 
With your help, these three initiatives will be included in our Colorado Constitution. 
Join this serious effort today! Please help us win by: 
1. Signing all three initiatives (Initiative 201, 202 & 278). Click here for a calendar of events/locations to sign. We need to collect 2% of signatures from each of Colorado’s 35 Senate Districts by July 31st. 
2. Signing up to collect signatures here. 
3. Donating to support printing & delivery of petitions, as well as administrative costs. You can donate here or make checks payable to: The Good Initiatives, 1727 Main St, Box 6067, Longmont, CO 80501 
4. Visit www.coloradocounts.com for further information. 
“How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!” 
-Thomas Jefferson


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